American Veteran Environmental LLC.

Honesty, Loyalty, Responsibility, and Integrity

Veteran Owned

American Veteran Environmental, LLC (AVENV) is a veteran owned small business located in Bennett, Colorado.   It is a versatile company that specializes in a variety of environmental services, including industrial hygiene, environmental site assessments, environmental sampling and monitoring, project design and management, data review, interpretation, and report preparation for government, industry and private enterprises.   It specializes in local, State and Federal environmental compliance and offers quality, commitment and service across the United States.

Individual Attention

As a small business, AVENV can provide individual attention to each aspect of a project. The true success of any project revolves around a solid, pro-active management foundation. This allows AVENV the ability to meet the specific needs of clients with a professional, cost-efficient, and scientific approach.   With cutting-edge experience and a propensity for strong project management, AVENV can assure its clientele a timely, cost-saving and successful project.

40+ Years of Experience

The owner of AVENV has 40+ years of experience in the construction, demolition and environmental arena. Furthermore, he has extensive experience managing large, multi-million dollar environmental projects across the United States. AVENV also values the service of U.S. Veterans and employs veterans within its staff of professionals. AVENV will provide a team that meets the needs of its clientele. Ultimately, AVENV maintains and seeks to establish long-term professional relationships that are symbiotic and beneficial by providing clients with quality, state-of-the art environmental services.

Veteran Owned Small Business

We are now:

  • VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business)
  • CVE (Certified Veteran Enterprise)
  • SBE (Small Business Enterprise)
  • EBE (Emerging Business Enterprise)

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American Veteran Environmental, LLC is working to ensure that their clients’ needs are met in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. We offer a stream-lined technical approach and efficient solutions to all environmental problems encountered. AVENV contributes progressive management for multi-disciplined environmental projects, particularly related to re- development sites, and can coordinate among all contractors and clients involved . This guarantees that projects are finished on time and under budget.

AVENV managers have been and will continue to be committed to providing clients with quality environmental services. By utilizing cutting edge technology, techniques and equipment, they can address and resolve client issues in the most cost-effective and environmentally acceptable manner possible. AVENV understands that there are many paths to compliance. Thus, we strive to clearly define the costs and benefits of all recommendations and ensure appropriate and complete regulatory compliance. AVENV’s number one goal is to provide clients with personalized consultation that more than pays for itself.   The value of doing business with AVENV lies in the streamlined approaches, cost-effective methods and long-term relationships that result from projects undertaken. AVENV is ready to serve you!

American Veteran Environmental