King Soopers/City Markets, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

King Soopers and City Market stores located throughout the Rocky Mountain Region

Staff members have managed and performed asbestos inspections for King Soopers and City Market stores located throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. They have provided quality asbestos abatement oversight during store re-model phases, as well as full inspections and reports for each grocery store project. Staff also performed perimeter air monitoring during abatement of floor tile, as well as area monitoring, verification of job completion and close out reports. These were conducted and written in accordance with Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) guidelines, as requested by the state.    Additionally, staff members provided emergency response and clean-up, as well as project management, for facilities that were affected by fires in Colorado. Staff worked closely with the CDPHE, Air Pollution Control, and Fire Department to prepare and implement Emergency Response Work Plans and Alternative Procedures for the friable ACM found within the stores.

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Former Stapleton International Airport – URS/City and County of Denver (DIA), Colorado


The former Stapleton Airport is currently one of the largest asbestos-in-soil projects in the United States. Staff members have managed and worked on the environmental components of the redevelopment of the former airport since 1999. They have performed building surveys and inspections, and have written the project design for asbestos abatement and demolition of over 50 buildings at the former Stapleton International Airport.

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Demolition Project Management – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Staff supported the City of Cedar Rapids to help manage the devastation that followed the Great Flood of 2008 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   The actual Project Manager for Flood Related Demolition Management Services for this work is now AVENV’s owner and President.   He led a team of field experts to oversee the assessment, remediation and demolition of flood- damaged structures throughout the City.

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Former Pueblo Ice House – Pueblo, Colorado

January 2009 to August 2010
The former Ice House property was identified by the CDPHE to be a major asbestos spill under Colorado Regulation #8 Part B. Staff members performed oversight of the abatement and designed plans for on-site solid waste disposal of the spill. The scope of work    included drafting an  application for certificate of  designation (CD), creating engineering designs, training, record-keeping, and constructing a closure plan related to the asbestos disposal site.

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The State Capital and Governor’ s Mansion – Denver, Colorado

Through these projects, staff members were tasked with performing numerous asbestos inspections, prior to the installation of  energy retrofits. These inspections ensured that contractors were in compliance with all State and Federal Regulations and helped to ascertain the safety of the Governor and his famil This task was further complicated by the historical nature of the building, which prevented excessive, destructive sampling and required staff to abide by all historic preservation regulations.

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City of Kansas City – Kansas City, Missouri

Staff members undertook multiple projects throughoutKansas City during its redevelopment phases.

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